Artemis Jewels, a well known atelier based in Rome, International credits Anglo-Italian make. Details above (Artemis Jewels section). Artemis is peculiar due to the inimitable elegance of our items both in modern and ancient style.
We are specialized though, in the reproductions of Old Roman and Greek jewels and wax micro sculpturing. Also, we work on new items shaped on the customer's requests with the support of drawings.

From our catalog

After the Civil Wars, Emperor Augustus proclaimed the "Restoration of the Republic". He ruled from 27BC to 14AD. He was Julius Caesar's adopted son, and, Augustus means "respected". This jewel is inspired by history readings of Emperor's rings during his age. No excavation discovery copy.


We know from the Empire history, that, Julius Caesar used to wear a ring representing a Ram. This "well-known" Ram symbolizes "conquest" and also Emperor's power and stability. Battering rams were used to tear city gates down durin Roman attacks. In 60 BC Julius Caesar formed together with Caius